In occasion of the opening of the Eataly shop in Rome, producers and artisans were selected to build a network of suppliers appropriate for the high level of quality demanded. Producers of organic legumes and vegetables, of ham and cured meats, of cheese and dairy products, and bakers spoke about their passion for their work and the daily dedication that is necessary products to make of the highest quality. Research developed in collaboration with Eataly Rome.

Marco Camilli

An organic farm

In this interview conducted 2012, Marco Camilli, a former pharmacist who became a farmer.
The farm established in 1996 is about 36 ectars wide. It is located in  Onano's countryside. The altitude and volcanic soil, where the company is located, give the crops, especially legumes, characteristic qualities such as quick cooking and great taste. The farm produces many varieties of legumes: the ancient lentils of Onano, Purgatory beans, pale green beans, ciavattoni beans, solfarini beans, yellow beans, cocco beans, Cerere chickpea, Flora chickpea, Otello chickpea, cicerchia beans, barley and  spelt. 
Special interest deserves the recovery of the ancient and traditional "Lentil of Onano", a lentil characterized by a large seed. It won numerous awards that were granted during exhibitions and food fairs, nationally and internationally. 
The company has turned to organic farming in 2000. 

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