Antonio Pietrantonio

Wine and Food in Benevento

Antonio Pietrantonio plays  a  prominent  role  in the political and cultural life  of Benevento. He was Mayor of Benevento  from 1982 to 1992 and has been engaged with several  promotions for initiatives related to food and wine. When  he  was School Head  of the  Instituto  Alberghiero   "Le Streghe" in  Benevento, he managed professional  stages with  local enterprises providing at  the  same time  job opportunities for the  students who  studied  at  the  above  mentioned   school. Moreover he promoted  the establishment of a new school in Castelvenere, an  italian town  with a  great  deal  of  vineyards. 

He established  a literary-gastronomic award   Cucina e Magia (Food  and  Magic). This award aims to discover  old recipes  which are accompanied by  their  own history,   literary references,  proverbs, or rhymes, since traditions, legends and popular beliefs  ascribe  them magical powers or special characteristics. 

He was  also one  of  the founding members of the  Benevento Città  Spettacolo (Benevento City Show), in  charge of  bringing  theatre and cinema celebrities to  Benevento . He established  conventions with restaurants and local producers and  promoted the Samnite territory in the world.

Currently, he is the President of the non-profit organization  “Cantine al Borgo”, "Wine in  the village", an organization who  aims   to promote not  only  the D.O.C wines of the Beneventan, of the Borgo antico di Castelvenere and of the tuffaceous Cellars,    but   also   the characteristic local agri-food and craft products. 

Interview information


Antonio Pietrantonio

Year: 1937
City: Benevento
Profession: Teacher/Professor
Languages: Italiano



Document by: Mario De Tommasi, MedEatResearch-Centro di Ricerche Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea, diretto da Marino Niola, intervista di Mario De Tommasi, Luigi Giova, Maria Scarinzi, Rita Fusco, Marzia Mauriello
Video by: Mario De Tommasi, Luigi Giova, Maria Scarinzi, Rita Fusco
Created: 30-11-2012

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