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The archive contains memories of testimonies of the story of Bra in the 20th century. These stories describe the memories of those who grew up here and helped the formation of the ideas that supported the cultural, social and economical development of Bra. The words of the testimonials sketch the profile of the city through its productive business, the cult of the Madonna dei Fiori and the rich tradition of food and wine, that bring to life the human overview that inspired Giovanni Arpino. Research promoted by the Historical Institute of Bra and its people.

Pietro Fraire

50 years of Bra told by a Demochristian activist

 Interviewed in 2005, Pietro Fraire, born in 1936 in a low-middle class family. He remembers WWII and describes it through the eyes of the child he was. He moves to the post-war period, the extended sociality, polverized commerce, and the network of restaurants and tavers of the city, explaining the economic transformation that the city lived.
As a 15 years old teenager he join the Demochristian party, led by Giovanni Sartori. As a member of the party he was elected mayor of the city for 10 years, then, councilor of the Regional Council and president of the Cassa di Risparmio di Bra bank. 
In his interview he remembers his exerience in the party, his fellow-members and the political adversaries. Through these experience he outline the profile of a city in change, through half a century of history.  

Interview information

Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Bra

District: CN

Altitude: 290m s.l.m.


Pietro Fraire

Year: 1936
City: Bra
School: High school or Secondary
Profession: Other
Languages: Italiano

Document by: Fabio Bailo
Video by: Fabio Bailo, Remo Schellino
Created: 20-06-2005

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