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Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: La Morra

Suburb: Santa Maria

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Giacomo Oddero

Date of birth: 09-16-1926
City: La Morra, frazione Santa Maria
School: University
Profession: Entrepreneur
Languages: Italiano, Piemontese

Document by: Luca Ghiardo
Video by: Piercarlo Grimaldi, Luca Ghiardo
Created: 16-09-2016

Questo video fa parte del seguente archivio
Memories of Piedmont

Memories of Piedmont

The archive contains of testimonials from the memories of Piedmont. The life stories told emphasize aspects of the cultural, social and economical history of the region. Specific attention was paid to the testimonies of the Resistance movement in order to give splendour to the memory of this integral moment of national identity. Research promoted by the Piedmont Region, Institute for the History of Resistance and Contemporary Society (Asti, Alessandria, Cuneo, Novara e Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Biella e Vercelli) and by the ‘Nuto Revelli' Foundation.

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