Knowledge of healing

The archive “knowledge of Healing” was created with the aim of giving space to the narration of the places of healing from a particular point of view: that of the patients and the medical staff. A point of view which differs from the statistical one that official relations use to describe the medical field. This is how we find new stories about how throughout time the relationship between patients and medical staff has changed, how knowledge has helped to bring change by offering the chance to critically revisit the training methods nowadays used.

Giorgio Tebaldi

La psiche, strumento di difesa

   Giorgio Tebaldi nasce nel 1948. Mentre gioca a pallone, grazie a un tiro fuori campo conosce i Matti e la malattia mentale. Entra in Manicomio nel Luglio del 1972 , narra le vicende vissute e il “cambiamento” della condizione dei malati mentali alla luce della legge Basaglia. 

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Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Collegno

District: TO

Altitude: 302m s.l.m.

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Giorgio Tebaldi

Date of birth: 12-24-1948
School: University
Profession: Other
Languages: Italiano

Document by: Fabiola Tarditi, Roberta Maria Uccheddu
Video by: Fabiola Tarditi, Roberta Maria Uccheddu, Patrizia Massariello, Silvio Gregorino, Andrea Icardi, Davide Porporato
Created: 02-07-2015

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