Traditional knowledge from Biella

The archive contains the memories of testimonies of the history of Biella in the 20th century. The interviews sketch some important aspects of this society, as well as its industrial history and heritage of knowledge and flavours that are characteristic of this territory in Piedmont, divided between the epic textile industrialization and the poorest valleys where hunger lingered up until a few years after World War II. Research promoted by Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.

Matilde Milano

The recipes of Tina

Interviewed in 2012, Matilde "Tina" Milano, born in 1943, tells her experience gained in factory of Sordevolo. There she worked as a darner. She left this job for his real passion: the countryside. She remembers the past landscape of Sordevolo, its gastronomy and traditional activities, such as the washing. She closes the interview telling her memories of her youth, when she attended the elementary school.  

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