Giovanni Martinotti

My friend, the Po river

Interviewed in 2007, Giovanni Martinotti was born 1937. He tells us about his experience with the Po river. He tells his family history; a family of fishem. As he explains he did not continue the family job, and became a typographer. When he retired, he continued to study the history of its territory, which has always been his passion.He tells about his studies and reseaches.  

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Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Casale Monferrato

District: AL

Suburb: Terranova

Altitude: 100m s.l.m.

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Giovanni Martinotti

Year: 1937
City: Casale Monferrato
School: Professional qualification
Profession: Pensioner

Document by: Marcello Marengo
Video by: Dario Leone e Piercarlo Grimaldi
Created: 10-09-2007

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