Maria Chiara Lorena

The sweetness of breastfeeding.

Maria Chiara Lorena, teacher of mathematics and physics, is the mother of two children Miriam and little Raffaele. The obstetric sister played an important role both in her journey as a mother and as a fundamental element of support in the breastfeeding experience.

Maria Chiara does not hide: her adherence to the choice for breastfeeding is strong and motivated. At the birth of her second child, some of her had some complications that led the doctors to move her away from her child for the first few hours, making it impossible to start breastfeeding that she strongly desired. At the root of this and other similar small episodes there is, says Maria Chiara, a deep-rooted tendency, of some of the health personnel, not to take into consideration the legitimate wishes of the mother. Despite this episode that made the start of breastfeeding more difficult even with the second child, it was a source of enormous satisfaction for Maria Chiara.

Breastfeeding anytime, anywhere, at home or in public places, has never been a problem for her, on the contrary the convenience of always being able to satisfy the food needs of her children, without having to equip herself with stoves or other equipment, is one of the many positive aspects that the choice of breastfeeding implies. There are so many advantages of this practice for Maria Chiara both in the short and long term that the State should really guarantee mothers the possibility of pursuing it to the end. Three months is not really enough to respect either mothers, much less our children. In fact, it is the children who decide when it is time to stop breastfeeding and move on to eating other foods in their entirety, at their own pace and without trauma for anyone.

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Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Novara


Maria Chiara Lorena

Date of birth: 05-29-1987
City: Vigevano
School: University
Profession: Teacher/Professor
Languages: Italiano

Document by: Luca Ghiardo
Video by: Luca Ghiardo, Davide Porporato
Created: 14-09-2022

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Breastfeeding: forms and practices of humanity

Breastfeeding: forms and practices of humanity

Breastfeeding is unanimously recognized by the main world health authorities as a fundamental health protection in the short, medium and long term for both the baby and the mother, offering biological, nutritional, emotional, relational and economic benefits.

The most important international scientific societies recommend giving the baby only breast milk for the first six months of life and subsequently accompanying the introduction of other foods with breastfeeding at least for the entire first year of the baby's life, but also up to two years and over if mother and child so wish.

This archive contains some testimonies of mothers and midwives aimed at deepening this theme by offering points of view anchored to individual experiences and sensitivities.

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