Noemi Grasso

The first time I felt like a mom.

Noemi Grasso, mother of little Pietro, already during her pregnancy believed that breastfeeding was the right way to feed her child. Her choice was influenced by both the mother and the midwives of the pre-birth course. Everything went the right way and breastfeeding, except for some starting difficulties, became a natural continuation of the relationship with her baby, if not the completion of the gestation process.

In fact, Noemi goes so far as to say that "the first time she really felt like a mother was when she breastfeed her son for the first time". In the interview Noemi also talks about the compatibility difficulties that breastfeeding implies for those who work. In her opinion, there is no compatibility if the mother has to go back to work after three months and everyone recommends breastfeeding at least up to the sixth month or even up to the second year of the child's life.

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Breastfeeding: forms and practices of humanity

Breastfeeding: forms and practices of humanity

Breastfeeding is unanimously recognized by the main world health authorities as a fundamental health protection in the short, medium and long term for both the baby and the mother, offering biological, nutritional, emotional, relational and economic benefits.

The most important international scientific societies recommend giving the baby only breast milk for the first six months of life and subsequently accompanying the introduction of other foods with breastfeeding at least for the entire first year of the baby's life, but also up to two years and over if mother and child so wish.

This archive contains some testimonies of mothers and midwives aimed at deepening this theme by offering points of view anchored to individual experiences and sensitivities.

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