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The project originates from the need to give back to the Agricultural South Park Milan the original function of location for the production of quality products and reference point for the supply of local markets. The archive contains interviews of producers and young merchants who were able to implement a systematic change in the agricultural production chain, as well as in distribution and marketing, by finding a new balance between the agriculture that surrounds the city and the city itself. Research promoted and developed in collaboration with Slow Food Milan and Indaco Department of Politecnico di Milano. Project financed by Cariplo Foundation, City of Milan and Agricultural Park South Milan.

Angela Gemma Rossi

Work in a farm

 In this interview conducted in 2012, Angela Gemma Rossi, born in 1972 tells us the reality of her farm family, Cascina Tavernasco, which is situated 10 km from Milan, near Noviglio. 
The company is run by his brothers and his father. Gemma with her brother and cousin contribute with their work to the full functioning of this modern farm. 
The Rossi Bros. firm is specialized in the production of high quality rice. The different varieties of rice, such as Carnaroli rice, Arborio rice and Vialone Nano rice, are worked in order to produce the best Italian rice. 
The farm shop offers the products they produce such as meat, rice, rice flour, corn flour, honey, bread and pasta made ??with thier flour, salami, and sweets. There sell also products of other neighbouring companiese
The old stable has been renovated and nowadays is a restaurant. 

Interview information

Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Lombardia

City: Noviglio

District: MI

Altitude: 200m s.l.m.

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Angela Gemma Rossi

Year: 1972
Profession: Farmer

Document by: Marcello Marengo
Video by: Luca Ghiardo
Created: 01-09-2012

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