Daniele Sacco

A new concept of shop

In this interview conducted in 2012, Daniele Sacco,s born in 1966, tells about the cooperative Bottegas opened in 2010. Diego is one of the founder members of this coop born from the idea to create a new concept store made to  elevate the consumers and raise their economic and social awarness. The coop is engaged in retail saling of  certified organic food, products made by local farmers and food makers. It is also promotes political affiliation and user awareness, targeted to bring the consumer to understand the production chain. They also offer a logistics service for buying groups, and an cafè. These many services allows an approach to "new" products, not sold by large retailers and superior quality at an affordable cost.  

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Country: IT

Region: Lombardia

City: Milano

District: MI

Altitude: 200m s.l.m.

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Daniele Sacco

Year: 1966
School: University
Profession: Entrepreneur

Document by: Marcello Marengo
Video by: Luca Ghiardo
Created: 10-10-2012

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