Luigia Quazzolo - Vittorio Boeri - Mariateresa Gallinotti

Tradizioni della pasquetta

Luigia Quazzolo (classe 1930), Vittorio Boeri (classe 1928), Mariateresa Gallinotti (classe 1940), durante un pranzo di Pasquetta, si scambiano tradizioni popolari inerenti la medesima festa.
Si parla “dei ragazzi che cantavano le uova”, dei cibi della Pasquetta, del rispetto dei prati dal giorno di San Giuseppe.   

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Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Rivalta di Torino

District: TO

Altitude: 295m s.l.m.

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Luigia Quazzolo

Year: 1930
Languages: Italiano

Vittorio Luciano Boeri

Year: 1928
Languages: Italiano

Mariateresa Gallinotti

Year: 1940
Languages: Italiano

Document by: Annina Gravino, Massimo Chiappone
Video by: Annina Gravino
Created: 01-04-2013

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M.I.O Domani project, Rivalta di Torino: Memories, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

M.I.O Domani project, Rivalta di Torino: Memories, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This archive contains the stories of workers who lived during the years of the development and crisis of this important Italian industrial centre. They investigate the jobs that used to exist, the stories of those who came to Rivalta to look for a job, the memories of the local food and of the food that migrants brought with them. But also the memory of the wars and of the resistance: not only the Partisan Resistance and the Wars of the previous century, but also modern wars (Balkans, Middle-East…) and the defensive “resistance” and the promotion of the territory. A common archive that grows in time. Project promoted by the City of Rivalta di Torino and by MIO Domani Association.

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