Marta Krzyżek-Siudak

SlowFood-CE project - Krakòw field research

Interview was carried out with Marta Krzyżek-Siudak, owner of “Żywe Muzeum Obwarzanka” (living museum of obwarzanek). Interview is focused on: history and tradition of obwarzanek, traditional, unchanged for 600 years production method, ingredients, protection by the PGI sign and attempts to produce a fake obwarzanek, activity of the museum and its guests, differences between obwarzanek, pretzel and bagel .

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Country: PL

Region: Voivodato della Piccola Polonia

City: Cracovia

Document by: Luca Percivalle
Video by: Grzegorz Nowosielski
Created: 10-10-2018

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Slow Food Central Europe

Slow Food Central Europe

Slow Food-CE is a transnational cooperation project that seeks to improve the capacities of local, public and private actors in order to safeguard and give value to their gastronomic cultural heritage as part of a vision that integrates economic, environmental and social sustainability. The project intends to create a transferable model that can give traditional foods their true value, through knowledge of their producers, plant varieties, animal breeds, traditional processing techniques, folklore, cultural landscape, and enhance the common food heritage of Central Europe, leading to a new alliance between five cities: Venice, Dubrovnik, Brno, Kecskemét and Krakow.

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