Galdibe Tumal Orto

Bad drought in Kenya

Galdibe Tumal is a herder form Maikona, a small village near the Marsabit National Reserve in northern Kenya, who comes from a family of livestock farmers.

He recalls some of the bad droughts that affected his region over the last century, but says that now things have changed. The rains are diminishing year after year, weakening the flocks, and oil wells are polluting the scarce water resources, poisoning the animals. Many herders are forced to abandon the countryside to move to the cities, where they cannot find work and end up living in absolute poverty and despair.

In his impassioned speech, Tumal launches an appeal calling on indigenous communities and scientists to work together to find a solution. As he says, “crying does nothing, we need to do something so that herders around the world are not forced to become refugees because of climate change.”

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