Feature of identity, language and memory of the traditions of Novara

The archive contains the experiences and memories of the citizens of Novara who had a significant role in the life of this Piedmontese city. These materials show us Novara and its history, the transformations and the typicality; they investigate what makes Novara the city it is; they explore the language and tradition of the territory, sketching a virtual map of the linguistic and identity features in the memory of its citizens. Research promoted by Banca Popolare di Novara per il Territorio Foundation and by “Fondazione della comunità Novarese Onlus”, realized by the Human Studies Department of University of Eastern Piedmont and by the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

Marco Tamagni

Past and present Novara seen by a musician

Interviewed in 2011, Marco Tamagni is a musician who was born in 1948.
He compares Novara how it was when he was a child and how it is nowadays.
He grew up in Bicocca neighbourhood, when it was a rural landscape of cultivated fields. 
With the music, he explains the importance of the local dialect and describes the local feasts and the city landscape. 

Interview information

Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Novara

District: NO

Altitude: 162m s.l.m.


Marco Tamagni

Year: 1948
Languages: italiano, dialetto piemontese

Document by: Luca Percivalle
Video by: Luca Percivalle
Created: 13-01-2011

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