Gerardo Pillon

Locanda Solagna

Gerardo Pillon, owner of the Locanda Solagna in Vas, was interview in 2013 by the students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences. 
In the interview Gerardo tells the history of his firm and particular episodesuch as the feast of its first centenary. He remarks the importance of in-season products for cooking and explains the gastronomic properties of the cornel, an Alpine berry.

Interview information

Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Veneto

City: Vas

District: BL

Altitude: 218m s.l.m.

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Gerardo Pillon

Date of birth: 06-28-1948
City: Vas
School: None
Profession: Entrepreneur
Languages: Italiano

Document by: Andrea Casero
Video by: Perla Scotto, Mariasole Cuomo, Lodovica Bo, Giulia Tramis, Valeria Porcellana, Friederike Gaedke, Maria Namatovu, Gael Aliano, Konstantin Steinmeyer
Created: 22-05-2013

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