Manuel Angelo

The Gastronomy Brotherhood of cod of Hilavo

 Manuel Angelo, born in 1943 in Portugal, has lived for more than 40 years, being a cod fisherman. To the students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences he explains his job and the characteristics of cod fishing and preserving.

Manuel Angelo is a member of the cod brotherhood of the city of Ilhavo. It was founded in 1999 in order to preserve the gastronomic tradition concerning cod that developed the community. Every year, since 2008, it organizes a baccalà festival that is a gastronomic context of dishes prepared with cod. 

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Country: PT

City: Ilhavo

Altitude: 0m s.l.m.

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Manuel Angelo

Year: 1943
City: Portugal
School: Professional qualification
Profession: Other
Languages: Inglese

Document by: Andrea Casero

Created: 15-02-2010

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