Patrizia Cugge

Antica Distilleria Cugge

   Patrizia Cugge, born in 1964, is the owner of Antica Distilleria Cugge. She was interviewed by the students of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in 2013.
She tells the history of its firm and describes its main products: distillates, essential oils, moisturizing lotions. 
 In the interview she shows the cycle of production of their distillates

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Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Liguria

City: Montalto Ligure

District: IM

Altitude: 315m s.l.m.

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Patrizia Cugge

Date of birth: 09-03-1964
City: San Remo
Profession: Entrepreneur
Languages: Italiano

Document by: Andrea Casero
Video by: Riccardo Gerosa, Domitilla Giuliani, Valerio Leo, Martina Ronzoni, Perla Scotto, Buket Soyyilmaz, Anja Wagner, Jhon Wangyu
Created: 27-06-2013

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