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The archive contains the memories of the main characters of the 20th century in Volvera. The testimonies documented in this section offer a sample of the oral memory of Volvera, highlighting the evolution that characterized the city in the last seventy years. Research promoted by the City of Volvera and by the Piedmont Region.

Giovanni Cugliari - Maria Francesca Mamone

From Calabria to Volvera

Giovanni Cugliari (1945) moved to Piedmont in 1961. He tells about his arrival in Vinovo in which his brother had already moved. In 1965 he is drafted. Finished his service in the Army he comes back and is employed at the FIAT and moved in Volvera in 1967. He met his 1968 in Calabria and got married with her in 1970. 

Maria Francesca Mamone was born in Feroleto della Chiesa in 1950. He remembers her traumatic arrival in Volvera: the snow, the fog, a new car and a new house. 
The couple speaks of her experience of migration, the relationship between her native and adoptive villages, and the changes of Volvera. In particular they tell about the "Saint", a healer that was believed made miracles.

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Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Piemonte

City: Volvera

District: TO

Altitude: 251m s.l.m.

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Giovanni Cugliari

Date of birth: 05-05-1945
City: Sant'Onofrio (Cz)
School: Primary
Profession: Worker (manual labour)
Languages: Italiano

Maria Francesca Mamone

Date of birth: 04-23-1950
City: Feroleto della Chiesa (RC)

Document by: Franco Zampicinini
Video by: Luca Percivalle
Created: 06-03-2009

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