Granaries of Lucca and Pistoia gastronomy

The archive contains the interviews collected by the stakeholders of the territorial gastronomy of the Province of Lucca and Pistoia. In this research they explore the characteristics of the local gastronomy and the reasons for the success in other Italian territories. Research financed by Camere di Commercio di Lucca and Pistoia.

Silvio Zanni

Silvio la Storia a Tavola

Silvio Zanni, born in 1944, was interviewed in 2010. He tells about his tavern, "Silvio, la storia a tavola". It is located in Pianosinatico, a small village few kilometers far from Abetone mountain. He presents the history of this tavern, which he opened and manages together with Andrea Vannucci and Lidia Gaggini, and the principles behind its menus. In the interviews he presents also some of the main dishes offered by the restaurant which are mostly made with local products 

Interview information

Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Toscana

City: Cutigliano

District: PT

Suburb: Pianosinatico

Altitude: 720m s.l.m.


Silvio Zanni

Date of birth: 05-29-1944
City: Emilia Romagna
School: University
Profession: Other

Document by: Marcello Marengo
Video by: Dario Leone
Created: 10-10-2010

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