Fausto Savigni

When labour is a passion

 In this interview receorded in 2010, Fausto Savigni, born in 1950 in Bagni di Lucca and resident of Pavana on the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, tells the story of his butchery and delicatessen. The company was founded by the grandparents in 1945 started. Fauso works in the shop with his two sons Nicolò and Mileto, who joined the company in 1993. The business has expanded with a farm and a restourant. 
Once every family killed the pig. It is  no longer so. They have maintained a very traditional and territorial production in order to satisfy their customers. Savigni's productions comprise typical products, such as ham of Cinta , seasoned salami of Cinta,  dried sausage, fresh sausage. 

Interview information

Geographic information

Country: IT

Region: Toscana

City: Sambuca Pistoiese

District: PT

Suburb: Pavana

Altitude: 491m s.l.m.

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Fausto Savigni

Year: 1950
City: Bagni di Lucca
School: Professional qualification
Profession: Artisan

Document by: Marcello Marengo
Video by: Dario Leone e Yann Grappe
Created: 10-09-2010

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