Vincenzo Mazzone

A Tuscan restaurant in Milan

 In this interview conducted in 2010, Vincenzo Mazzone, born on October 16 , 1961, remembers his experience as a cook; an experience began in 1980 in Milan Tuscan restaurant of Beatrice Mungai. She was born in 1901 in Ponte Buggianese, in Pistoia province, to a peasant family . 
Born to an Apulian family, Vincenzo attended a  hotel school. He gained experience working as a seasonal cook in holiday villages. Vincenzo arrived in Milan and start his work as an assistant cook in the restaurant Beatrice . In 1987 he met his future wife, the granddaughter of Beatrice, during the summer. She was working at the resturant helping her grandmother. 
Vincenzo explains his restaurant offers traditional Tuscan dishes, such as pasta and beans, Ribollita , tripe , stew and fried brains with zucchini flowers. They have also Milanese disches, such. Beatrice passed away in 1996. Now the resturant is run by Beatrice'sgrandchildren, Roberta and Beatrice Ruggeri together with Vincenzo Mazzone, who is the chief chef since the 1980s. 

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Country: IT

Region: Lombardia

City: Milano

District: MI

Altitude: 200m s.l.m.

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Vincenzo Mazzone

Date of birth: 10-16-1961
School: Professional qualification
Profession: Other

Document by: Marcello Marengo
Video by: Dario Leone
Created: 10-07-2010

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