Sandor Katz

Food and beverage fermentation

“All of the gratest delicacies of the world, all of the most compelling flavours that people love to eat are products of fermentation”: this is Sandor’s philosophy. He’s been in love with fermentation for over 20 years, since he discovered it could be a precious instrument to preserve the products of his garden.

He’s been travelling ever since and never stopped learning and experimenting with this natural process, which can bring huge benefits to our bodies when we’re the ones controlling it.
There’s a general stereotype that associates bacteria with diseases, so Sandor made it his mission to teach people about the importance of these precious micro-organisms. Not only they are able to make food more nutritious and easier to digest, but most importantly they help preserve it longer.
Coffee, cheese, cured meat, bread, wine and beer are all consequences of a process of fermentation that man has learned to control over the centuries in order to realise what became some of the most characteristic elements of every great cuisine.

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Knowledge on food

Knowledge on food

The archive contains gastronomic memories of the territory of Piedmont. Through these experiences and testimonies we explore the knowledge of those who prepare food daily, like chefs or housewives. The database shows us a picture of the universe of gastronomical productions which distinguish and identify this Italian territory. Research promoted by the Piedmont Region.

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